How it works

How it works

Forest OPS is Microsoft Windows based with a SQL database backend. User based access provides data security remembered user settings for ease of use. Forest OPS is typically integrated with other business data sources in order to minimize redundancy and maximize utility.

User Interface, Plant Wizard

User Interface:

  • Our user interface can be customized to each client and even each user.
  • Spreadsheet look and feel plus many screens can be exported directly to Microsoft Excel.
  • Easy report creation.

User Security, Plant Wizard

User Security:

  • Settings and preferences are determined by the user and remembered between sessions.
  • Data access and security is determined by the user group for each user.



  • Forest OPS can be deployed on an Oracle Server or on a Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • Microsoft SQL Server is our most common database platform among our clients.

Deployment, Plant Wizard


  • The user interface is typically deployed with a remote deployment strategy such as Citrix.

Input, Plant Wizard


  • Forest OPS typically imports the most detailed attribute type data such as timber profiles and scaled log volumes.
  • We work closely with each customer to ensure a simple and effective process for importing this data.

Output, Plant Wizard


  • Flexible/user defined on screen reporting with export options for Microsoft Excel
  • Customized (hardwired) reports designed for specific needs
  • Data exports to be imported by other corporate systems (i.e. Great Plains, or GIS systems)