What it does

What it does, Forestry Management Software

FOREST OPS helps plan and schedule your forest harvesting jobs and then projects the resulting Woodflow and profits. Forest OPS was designed and developed with the direct input of field engineers, foresters, logging supervisors, and operations managers.



  • Checklist style activity planning (just check it off when complete).
  • Attach documents (maps, reports, permits) to your activities for easy reference.
  • User defined logic that determines deadlines for your activities automatically.



  • Schedule your harvesting jobs by contractor and timeline
  • Easy tools for adjusting schedules as plans change.
  • Imports actual production data so that your schedule is always in line with reality.

Woodflow / Log Inventory Forecasting

Woodflow / Log Inventory Forecasting:

  • Generate detailed wood-flow forecasts by destination, contractor and more.
  • Generate log inventory forecasts (based on logs in and out) at any destination.

Financial Forecasting

Financial Forecasting:

  • Custom cost profiles are attached to harvesting jobs for quick margin analysis.
  • Optimization tools to help schedule the right logs to the right location.
  • Develop complete operating budgets including overheads.
  • Build scenarios for best case worst case analysis.